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Monday, December 27, 2010

Let's Play Dress-Up!

Ava got a magical treasure chest filled with girly things like tutu's and pearls and princess dresses. She also got some incredibly cute plastic high heels and she has been playing dress up every day since Christmas.
Spanky & Nemo have been forced to get involved.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Magic Of Christmas!

This year we were so excited for Christmas because Ava is getting older and aware of all things"Christmas". While roaming the aisles of target, when passing the section marked with lit up Christmas trees and wrapping paper she would scream " IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!"

Needless to say, we decided that this year we would make Christmas Day morning as magical as we could and with the help of our wonderful families (both near and far) we were able to do just that.
Here is the amazing footage of the morning...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Radio City Christmas Show 2010!!!

Yesterday we took Ava to the Radio City Christmas show! I was nervous that she might be too young but we know a wonderful Rockette named Jacey Lambros who was kind enough to get us amazing seats in the front and take us all backstage after the performance and give us an incredible tour of radio city!  Ava got to wear red cheek circles, try on the rockettes amazing jewels and I GOT TO WEAR A REAL ROCKETTE'S HAT! Jacey showed Ava the stage and what it was like to look out at the audience. She met and pet the enormous camels that were in the show, played with the toys the ensemble uses and we all had an incredible magical time.
I can't wait to go again next year!!! Here are some photos from the day I thought I should share. If you haven't seen the XMAS show in years like me, you should know that it is modernized and awesome. There is no intermission which is GREAT and it is just about an hour and a half which is doable. The Rockette's and Santa himself are the biggest part of the show. There is a 3D section guided by Santa where you wear glasses and everything!
 Jacey turns Ava into a baby Rockette with the red rosy cheeks!

 Ava tries on the famous, gorgeous jewels worn by the girls!

A dream fulfilled.... haha... I got to try on a REAL hat worn in the Toy Soldiers Routine!

 Ava in mid - air as she jumps off a step outside Rockefeller Center

 Oh how I love this photo!

 On the Radio City stage after looking out at the Audience! That was SO COOL!

 With a posing Camel. They literally SMILED in the photos and were magnificent!

Toddler Sings The Beatles " When I'm Sixty-Four"

While celebrating Thanksgiving with my family in FL, my father in law turned 64. My mom kept singing it to Ava during bedtime and it has quickly become a bedtime favorite. I knew Ava had the words down pat but was having trouble catching her on video singing it. Finally last night during dinner she serandaded us in her highest pitch! haha too cute!!


I didn't even know Ava KNEW this song which is why I was shocked at the way she sang the lyrics so clearly. Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Two & A Half Minutes with Ava - Episode 10!

So during dinner last night Ava was pretty tired from our long day at the Christmas Show at Radio City and she started to get the "crazies". I snuck the camera onto the table and filmed my weekly clip here among some other funny clips of her seeing which will be posted tomorrow as well.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Paging DR. Ava

Ava came into the bedroom when I was sick in bed carrying her "dr" kit and insisted on checking my ears, heart, nose etc. Later in the afternoon she continued to play Dr only this time the Dogs were her patients. Spanky and Nemo were GREAT sports!

Paging Dr. Ava! from Audrey Breheney on Vimeo.

Two & A Half Minute with Ava - Episode 8

Ava teaches me all about the ipad. She loves this thing! I honestly think she uses it more then anyone.
It has so many educational apps!! I love that I watch her actively doing puzzles rather then starring blankly at a TV! It is interactive and hands on and I can't say enough about this device.

Two Minutes with Ava - Episode 8 from Audrey Breheney on Vimeo.