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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Lucy's back from California!

Ava's best friend Lucy and her family have been in California for 6 weeks. I reminded her that Lucy got back today and she will be seeing her tomorrow and she got VERY excited. TOO cute.
She also discusses the importance of eating organic foods.  Just kidding. ;)

"Once Upon A Time", A funny toddler reads a story

Tonight Ava read to her doll Nina. She continued to say " Once Upon A Time" as she began each page. It took a lot of self control not to laugh out loud while I was filming.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


After our Friday afternoon class at The Little Gym there is a tap class for girls ages 3 and up.
Wrangling Ava to get in her coat and leave is virtually impossible because she is simply enamored with these little girls in their noisy shoes.
Last night was no different, except this time she snuck into the class in a diaper and sneakers of all things and joined the girls for their warm up. Luckily my friend Angela's mother snapped me out of my frozen state and told me to "GRAB THE CAMERA!". I only took 30 seconds of footage because I needed to get her out of the class before we disturbed them anymore so that is why there is so little.
I certainly know that the Easter Bunny will be bringing tap shoes for little Ava this year....

Monday, February 14, 2011

Two & A Half Minutes with Ava - All the single ladies HOLLLA!

My mother sent a box of Vday gifts to Ava. This box included a pink feather boa, a pack of sparkly lip gloss, a pair of plastic high heels with jewels on the front and a red ring (looks like a ring pop but smaller) and when you turn the jewel it lights up.
Since she has received this red ring, she has requested "ALL THE SINGLE LADIES" be played on repeat for the entire weekend. She seems to have a car dance and a house dance. I tried my best to capture it on video but she was distracted by her new playhouse.