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Thursday, September 30, 2010

30 is the Magic Number

Some people get really hung up on age. I am turning 30 in a few months and I feel as though I am on the brink of something new, exciting and chaotic (in a good way). I am ready to take on this next decade and am quite certain that the best is yet to come.

My twenties rocked! My early twenties I don't remember all that much about except it involved alot of learning, experimenting, and mistakes. I met my husband at 23 and from there my life took on a whole new meaning.
I started working for yahoo at 24 and Epic Media Group at 26 and in between that I got married on the popular style network show "Whose Wedding is it Anyway" and got pregnant and gave birth to the most incredible little girl. So yeah, I feel blessed but I also know I am a good person with so much to offer and I have only scratched the surface... LOOK OUT 30'S HERE I COME!
Cheers to those beautiful people who know that age is just a number. Cheers to those people who understand that the 20's is about finding yourself and your 30's is about accepting who you are and loving every inch of it!

I love you Tutta Munda!

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