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Thursday, April 28, 2011

For my Jersey City peeps!

For my JC and friends...

Thank you jersery city for knowing what I need
For grove point, for star bucks and the 24 hour duane reade

To swimming in a murky pool which i love so much!
To life guards who are barly legal and management i could punch!

To my beatiful friends who i made thanks in J.C. you know who you are,
And the babies that were raised here who will all grow to be stars.

To andi at a sound start and the relationships that bloomed
To ballet class and TLG and the 2nd baby boom!

To the mean guy at the sandwich shop who complained i was to loud!
For j nails and that crazy fair that always draws a crowd...

To nanny drama and wonderful mammas who have no clue how great they are!
To my amazing friends who I love till the end whether we're near or far.

The burbs are just a drive away,
Theres grass and bikes and beer!
But if you need me, I willl come back! I promise, have no fear.

Our friendships will continue on
And some of you may follow!!
I know we'll have more fun together so I wont be filled with sorrow.

So as the movers pack our stuff and this feels so bitter sweet,
I'll keep looking towards the days ahead when all of us can meet!!

Thank you friends!!!
I love you!
Xo, audrey


  1. Oh Audrey, this was sweet. We will miss you so much. I love your excited spirit as I don't like to feel like the only crazy one. At least I still have Angela for this. Make sure to continue to visit and not just drift away like so many others who moved to the burbs. Kisses and hugs to all.