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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Two & a Half Minutes with Ava - Episode 2

For this weeks episode I chose to film Ava in a position where she wouldn't be moving around alot. :) Despite the way this looks, Ava is not yet potty trained. Over the weekend she watched her step-cousin "piddle on the potty" and suddenly expressed an interest in trying it out. So we finally got her to sit on the actual potty rather then on the small baby bjorn one. Since she turned 2, her speech has picked up even more. I have noticed since she now responds to Portuguese (her incredible care taker speaks to her in Portuguese) she sometimes will speak in her own "language" and sort of make up words. I find it hilarious and for those of you who know how much Ava talks, you know first hand that there is no cause for concern with her back peddling in her speech or anything.


Two & a Half minutes with Ava - Episode 2 from Audrey Breheney on Vimeo.

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