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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two & a Half Minutes with Ava - Episode One

I have a favorite blog. It's In fact, it inspired me to finally start my own. The writer is a dad and a photographer and a clear family man. The reason I love this blog so much is because it's real. It is a real life family with artistic edge who seems to be falling in love with the world around them through their children's eyes. Every day I find myself bewildered at some point during the day by my beautiful child. Everything is so new, exciting & uncharted to her. Her excitement and zest for life have given me a renewed sense of who I am and has also ignited an excitement in me for what's to come. In fact, I don't think I have felt this imaginative in years and I am balancing parenthood, marriage, a demanding full time job, a photography career, a band not to mention every day matters of life and friends. She inspires me, period. That being said, I have decided to be a copy cat and film Ava for 2 and a half minutes once a week for a year and document it here on this blog. My mother always told me copying is the best form of flattery and I just think it is a brilliant way to document year 2. So thank you again pacingthepanicroom!!  Interacting with Ava is so much fun that I am choosing to talk with her through the recording time. Those of you who have been along on this journey with me since Ava's birth know that I sent a tack board once a month with a photo of her in a white onsie  in the same chair. From year 1 - year 2 I sent out more video footage and a tack board every three months. Ava fans get ready!

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  1. I'm in love! What a little snuggle muffin she is! I also loved hearing your voice after all these years <3 Can't wait to follow along and watch the vids :) xoxo